Prospective Projects

The following projects are next on our list for development, with help from partners like you. Please read through and contact us at  if there is an interest in getting any these projects off the ground.

The Independent Globe publication and media network for Independent Voters and Districts.

An independent project that works closely with the moderate Muslim community to establish a global freedom organization and vote. This Global Freedom Vote also ties in with women’s economic freedom being a key to global economic and political freedom. To fuel interest and participation, put together an artistic contest to see whose icon design will be used in this event.

A national media strategy project to direct the existing but scattered progressive news channels and audiences into one powerful avenue in order to bring about a more dominant and organized progressive voice in the culture that will offset the mainstream media monopoly of anti-progressives. Besides key clips from other various progressive sources, some initial original programming could include:

  • If You Were President TV: Create a YouTube channel and/or podcast to post high-profile recordings discussing the possibilities. Build and send recording crews (possibly college and high school students) through districts to do highly visible interviews and film citizen commercials in public places so others  join in.

Setup a donations group to collect money for jobs, personalized Economically Disengaged Voter ads and other projects. The program will aim to hire non-registered voters, who fit a progressive/independent profile, for part-time work. These campaign workers would be paid with funds from donors/sponsors who designate their donations for this purpose. Many donors don’t have the time or desire to volunteer for phone banks, lit drops, door knocks, and voter registration drives. Workers can also find their own sponsors. This is the beginning of a long-term drive to organize the unemployed into a national association and cooperative to find and create part-time to full-time jobs with an alliance of progressive companies and organizations.

Publicly created 30/60-second ads/interviews/candidate-like submissions that are highly visible and personally paid for by individuals and groups of individuals, which will air on our media sites.



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