EcoPreneurial Biz Plan

A Political/Business How-To for Building THE Online Global Green Coop Economy, Grow REAL Green Jobs and Votes, Drive Investment and Establish a New No. 1 Energy Resource While Solving the Climate Change Crisis

– from a proposal to the Minnesota Environmental Congress

I’m Thomas Harens – Director of Inventing Solutions, an ecopreneurial not-for-profit. I’m also a former legislator, rock and roll manager/promoter, Special Events Director for Earth Day 1990 LA, and electric transport developer. The strategic list below is offered as a next stage, strategic, environmental and ecopreneurial “business plan” with Minnesota as a possible model. This plan has evolved from my beginnings with Earth Day 1970, years of membership in nearly every environmental group, hundreds of protests, countless events, and now trade shows for the green economy. Some context –

Since 1970, we in the movement have not used our cooperative power to develop even one seriously competitive technology solution for new energy and climate change. We keep engaging the same strategies, people and funding. We need a whole new ecopreneurial dynamic that cooperatively invents, develops, finances and drives strategic solutions, AND drives mass production and purchase of green products and services for long term success that breeds voter growth. The vast resources of entrenched industries, lobbyists and paid politicians will not be overcome until we create an equally powerful new coop(erative) economy AND organize mass purchasing and production of new energy resources for and beyond current alternatives. That will take a lot of money. BUT we CAN cooperatively orchestrate the high profile and public participation which drives that funding. Our suggested strategic top ten:

  1. Get all the players on same page – The first global cooperative environmental strategy, written and endorsed by the players, and then the environmental buyers and voters. 
  2. Show our cooperative power – ONE global environmental campaign site and you tube channel. 
  3. Drive our voting power – The first global online environmental VOTE, on Earth Day 2013 and every Earth Day after, building toward Earth Day 2020 as the 50th anniversary. 
  4. Begin our cooperative business economy – The first global cooperative ad campaign. 
  5. Demonstrate serious individual money power – The first national to global Give Green Day. 
  6. Develop a new cooperative economic strategy and force – The first national to global strategic environmental and energy product cooperative, with regional investment centers. For example – The only way to get millions of American hybrids and electric vehicles is by “simply” organizing millions of advance customers at a mass produced, standardized models price
  7. Create potential of millions to billions of consumers – The first global consumers cooperative 
  8. Deliver how it works for working poor – The first national to global green jobs cooperative. 
  9. Establish a better transition energy source – Waste to energy and product conversion as the highest priority along with electric storage as key to local power production/distribution. 
  10. Announce 2016 electoral plan – A serious 2016 Presidential candidate(s) to garner the PR, galvanize the plan and solutions driver, educate/inspire the public – and then turn over the votes to an electable liberal. (No Ralph Nader’s please.)

If you are inetersted in working with us, or have some ideas of your own to share, please Contact us at 612-221-4432 or


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