The Making Violence Pay Act

The Only Serious Violence and Gun Suppression Solution

The Making Violence Pay Act (aka The Guns and Violence Suppression Funding Act and the Perpetrators Pay Act) calls for heavy new taxes, fees and fines imposed upon the manufacture, sale, import, promotion, purchase, ownership and criminal use of any gun or gun ammunition, AND voluntary fees (for now) on any production, sale, import or purchase of violent movies, games, television, cable, and internet content in the United States. Special fines would be levied against producers, sellers and consumers for guns found to be used in and identified with any violent crimes or accidents. All the above revenues would go into a dedicated fund apportioned to the following priorities:

  1. Victims of violence, guns and domestic abuse
  2. Local, public school security programs
  3. Neighborhood crime prevention and education
  4. Neighborhood police precincts
  5. Mental health programs directed toward public school children
  6. Strengthening gun control laws, enforcement and education

Because violence has become a market in this economy, the only way to change the market is by financially going after the industries, their supporters and customers (as we have with cigarettes and alcohol). Current gun control measures are relatively ineffective as they raise no new money for victims, damages to institutions, enforcement, increased school security and mental health. They also have no financial punishment or disincentives for profiteers and users.  To contrast these issues and take a real step down the long road of curbing and extinguishing violence in our society, Inventing Solutions proposes the only serious solution—The Making Violence Pay Act.

Fact: Violence in our culture and media is pervasive and growing, as is the damage.
Fact: The use of guns to perpetuate and portray acts of violence is pervasive.
Fact: A small number of industries, lobbying associations and sellers reap massive profits. These groups as well as gun and media consumers are responsible for the continued proliferation and use of guns and the portrayal of guns and violence in media.

The pervasive facts deliver the obvious solution: Because the facts above are indisputable, as our the costs, it is therefore the perpetrators, profiteers, purveyors, purchasers and owners of guns that must finally pay for ALL the damages to our people and the civil system. And media violence is next, because no constitution is protecting children from the onslaught of media violence, no matter how diligent they are. Both industries should also be held responsible for funding the long-term reduction of violence through gun control, more responsible media and entertainment, and increased mental health programs.


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