Call for the vote!

Vote on Guns NOW – the first-ever online “election day” – on gun policy

Imagine if Gabby Giffords and President Obama, with other key players, were to call for the vote — the first-ever public, online vote on gun policy. MSNBC, NBC, CNN, CBS, every major newspaper and blogger, and yes, Fox News, would run with this dramatic political event ensuring that millions of Americans vote. The turnout by the public majority wanting more gun control, and those caught up in the media hype of who wins the next political horse race, would surpass any well-funded orchestration by the gun-rights minority. WE have the numbers, it’s time to use them with this powerful, first-ever online election-day-like tool.

We propose: A review of this public-participation tool now as we have three things going for us: 1) The current gun issue profile, 2) The follow-up to President Obama’s calling for “They Deserve A Vote,” and 3) This vote being the first-ever, public, online “election day” for a major issue. However, we recognize political strategies may dictate holding the first election-day-type vote for a “friendlier” progressive issue or better timing.

Answering early questions: The online vote questions are open but will include universal background checks, assault weapon bans, a gun tax…. We have listened to a number of local and national advocates say this is not the time, the other side has too much money, is too organized, would turn out more voters, we don’t need another poll…. Forgive us, but we have been losing this legislative fight for a long time. Essentially, given the current lobbying dynamic, we will lose again, along with climate change and immigration, unless we have a bigger driver than even the President’s voice. This tool, if brought forward correctly, goes way over the money and media shouting of a vocal minority. Also, this vote is not comparable to a poll buried on a website of an activist organization. Instead, it will be a front page, vote-only site on a single legislative issue. Lastly, bear in mind that if we don’t use this tool, the opposition may soon use it their advantage. Inventing Solutions also needs to forge ahead and put this tool out there on a key issue for social media to run with this year.

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