National Strategic Product Cooperative

National Strategic Product Cooperative

The strategic economic needs of the nation and globe, particularly as regards energy efficiency, alternative energy development and investment in strategic green product development, are simply not going to happen fast enough, or happen at all, without a national strategic product development initiative.

As a highly public example: If we want 1 million hybrid/electric vehicles by 2015 — a stated Obama administration goal — these vehicles would have to be mass produced at a much cheaper cost and thus much cheaper sales price (under $20,000). This can only happen if these vehicles are (1) standardized, (2) mass produced due to mass purchase advance orders (investment), (3) built with guaranteed cooperative labor arrangements, and (4) produced without profit-model manufacturers*, hence the cooperative business structure. If we don’t cooperatively act now, China or India will flood our markets soon with standardized models under $15,000!

The National Strategic Product Cooperative initiative entails determining, through both a public process and through experts, a number of strategic “green” products, such as those listed below. They are also listed on our “Best of Green” ballot box at our website ( for you to vote on and to stimulate your own submissions.

• Energy efficient controls for commercial and residential buildings

• Battery packs that are both power and storage units – (a) A key cost factor for hybrids and electric vehicles are batteries. (b) The cost of transmission lines is the No. 1 factor holding back alternative energy production locally. The solution for alternative energy is electric storage. (c) The solution for both is a power pack that is also a storage unit. Every building in America should have these units.

• Hybrid/electric Vehicles – Mass advance ordering for mass production of the same basic vehicles is the only way millions of hybrid and electric vehicles will get built and be affordable for the average commuter.

• Electric Road Corridors – Local-to-national green power delivery AND production.

• Solar panels — mass installations – Along Electric Road delivery systems and on every roof

• Small, modular wind power systems – Small scale and micro wind turbines

• Waste conversion units/products – Advance marketing and product R&D from recycled plastic and other waste products is in its infancy. Waste conversion to fuel and products should be a high investment priority nationally, after energy efficiency. It is a win-win and we have virtually unlimited amounts of waste that CAN be processed cleanly.

• Modular roof energy/waste units – Standardized “combo” building units for solar, wind, water, biomass, local power, etc. All this will really take is organization and mandates. Then millions of roofs will begin to reduce our energy dependence, collect carbon and convert waste.

*There are a number of hybrid vehicle producers, and of course, the Big 3 can build some of these under the same contract.

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